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Changing Jobs, Don’t Forget about Your Retirement Funds

Whether you’re part of the Great Resignation, laid off or fortunate enough to retire early, you need to keep your retirement investments working hard. It may not be top of mind as you make the transition, but you need to think about what to do with your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement accounts.

Here are some important things to consider:

How to Save for Retirement

It's never too early to start putting away money for your future. If you've ever wondered how to save for retirement when you're also dealing with day-to-day expenses, these easy tips can help.

1. Get a rough estimate of retirement expenses

It may seem difficult to know how much money you'll need in retirement, especially if it's several decades away. Experts say that to keep your same standard of living, you'll probably need at least 70% of your pre-retirement income.