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Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks when you want.

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Most business owner's schedules don't fit the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 mold. That's why Remote Deposit Capture is so convenient. You can deposit checks right when you get them - anytime, anywhere with just a scanner and an internet connection. No need to go to the bank, and your checks are in your account faster.

This online check deposit service allows you to convert paper checks into electronic images that have the same legal standing as physical checks. These images are then deposited securely to your account online, enabling funds to move from the check originator's account to your account saving you time and reducing your operational costs.

Remote Deposit Capture allows your business to consolidate regional or national deposits into one account. You simply scan paper checks as they come into your office and securely transmit the scanned check images to Better Banks via the Internet.

Spend less time depositing checks and more time running your business. With Remote Deposit Capture, you can make multiple deposits to your business account from your home or office for a low monthly fee.

Business Remote Deposit
Save time and make banking easier by eliminating the need to take deposits to the bank branch. Simply scan checks using a desktop scanner, verify the check amounts, and submit the deposit from the office. This service is well suited for the business that makes frequent deposits or has more than 5 checks in a deposit.

Business Mobile Deposit
Similar to the very popular mobile deposit service used by many consumers, this easy to use service enables a business to take pictures of checks and submit multiple checks in a single deposit using an Apple or Android smartphone. This is ideal for a small business customer with less than 5 checks per deposit.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Remote Deposit Capture options can help you manage your business.

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