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Quicken and Quickbooks

Quickly Export Your Online Banking Transactions

Digital Banking has been improved for your convenience with the addition of Intuit® Quicken or QuickBooks integration.

As a Digital Banking customer, you can use Web Connect to download your banking transactions into Quicken or QuickBooks and manage your finances offline. 

Many people use their debit cards frequently. In fact, the average debit card is used 18-20 times each month for online, in-person, and digital transactions. Online Banking with Quicken integration makes it easy to track your spending by downloading the transactions into Quicken, so you don’t have to enter each transaction manually. The method used to download transactions from our Online Banking platform depends on which version of Quicken or QuickBooks you’re using.

  • WebConnect is, simply put, a way you can download your transactions directly from the bank’s website and import them into Quicken or Quickbooks.
  • Express WebConnect/Quicken Connect are methods for Quicken to communicate with the bank directly on your behalf to download transactions. Once the bank account login is setup in Quicken, the software will download transactions for you.
  • The integrations with online banking works with the current versions and the previous two versions.
  • Bank Feeds are a convenient method in Quickbooks to allow Quickbooks to connect to the bank to import the transactions.
WebConnect: Export your Personal Banking transactions

Define the exact dates for transactions that can be saved as a .qfx file for Quicken or a .qbo file for QuickBooks:

  • Log into digital banking and select the account with transactions to be downloaded.
  • Select the Download date range you would like to download.
  • Select the file type format you wish to download: OFX, QFX, QBO, IIF, QIF, CSV or TXT
  • The output file will be restricted to the range of dates selected.
Export your Business Banking transactions

The method used to download transactions from your Business Online Banking account depends on which version of QuickBooks you’re using: QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

Web Connect is a one-way (i.e. manual) connection between Online Banking and Quicken or QuickBooks Desktop. Exported transactions are automatically matched with existing transactions, and new ones are added to the register.

Express Web Connect automates the Online Banking login process on your behalf and retrieves account transaction information. If you’re using QuickBooks Online, Express Web Connect will update your transactions automatically. QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t support Express Web Connect.

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