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Better Loans for You and Your Life.

There’s no substitute for working with people you know and trust, and at Better Banks we put our money to work in the neighborhoods that we call home. As a local lender, we combine great service with a variety of loan solutions because where you choose to bank matters.

Banking locally with Better Banks connects you to your community and your neighbors and gives everyone a stake in the financial success of our local economy. We have the privilege of serving our local community residents and their families by making loans to buy a home, pay for a vehicle, or send a child to college—whatever it is, we’re here and happy to lend a hand. In fact, we offer loans for every milestone, and even some unexpected roadblocks.

This is local money at work—a relationship between bank and community that makes sense. 

As a community bank, we support our local economy by providing loans to the neighborhoods where we live and work, helping to keep our communities vibrant and growing!