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ACH Services

Simplifying the business of doing business.

Perfect for nonprofits or businesses that collect periodic dues or rents or for single payments, ACH (Automated Clearing House) allows you to electronically move pre-authorized dollars from customer accounts to yours. You can create and maintain information directly in the site, convert it from spreadsheets to the correct format, or upload files from your accounting software into the application.

You can transfer funds quickly with this online service that allows you to securely handle:

  • Payroll deduction/direct deposit for employees
  • Electronic invoicing/debit
  • Electronic payments
  • Online Banking

Our ACH Origination service puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to steering money in and out of your account. Our ACH Origination service simplifies the business of doing business. As an ACH originator, you’ll love the many perks like direct deposit for payroll. No matter where your employees are, they will always have access to their pay. For you, that means a straightforward payroll process — fewer checks to buy, print, sign and reconcile.

Our ACH Origination service offers you flexible options for handling recurring payments like local, state and federal taxes. You are just a keystroke away from paying dues, vendors and loans. And, you can collect bills without printing and sending invoices via “snail” mail. It’s a safe, quick and easy way for people to pay you, which means you’ll see more on-time payments.

Some days, leaving work just isn’t an option. But that doesn’t have to mean you can’t get your banking done.

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