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Severe Weather, Make Sure You’re Ready

Do you get just as nervous for a severe thunderstorm warning as you do a tornado warning? Everyone knows how seriously a tornado warning should be taken, but make no mistake, a severe thunderstorm warning should be taken just as seriously.

According to the National Weather Service, nearly 80% of all tornadoes in Illinois occur between April 1st and June 30th, usually during the late afternoon and early evening hours. However in the past few years there’s been a shift and nearly half of all Illinois tornadoes occurred in the fall or winter.

It’s Time to Start Spring Cleaning

Spring can be a great time to clear out clutter and start fresh, both inside and outside your home. The milder days of spring are a perfect time to get outside and start your spring cleaning and perform some basic home maintenance.

This checklist will help make it easier to tackle these spring home maintenance projects.

Gutters – Clean leaves and other debris from gutters and downspouts to keep water flowing and reduce the possibility of water damage.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Ready for Winter

More than 70% of the nation’s roads get more than 5 inches of snowfall annually, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Winter weather-related car crashes result in more than 2,200 deaths and 192,000 annually in the U.S.

With blizzard conditions hitting a large swath of the country, car crashes and damage to property is likely to occur.

Here are some tips to help you prepare:

Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for Winter

Whether snow, ice, freezing or flooding, winter weather can cause a host of headaches for homeowners. And if you’re in a new house that you’re still getting to know, it’s especially worth taking steps to be sure you’re prepared.

Sometimes, problems that arise are preventable. And even though homeowners insurance generally would cover weather-related damage, you’d still be responsible for paying your deductible — which may be anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars or more.

Here are a few of the weather-related items covered with your homeowners insurance:

Winter Is Here, Ready or Not!

Winter is here, and for many drivers that means facing the challenges of salty streets, icy roads, freezing temperatures, and heavy snow. And from low tire pressure to frozen fuel lines to salt damage, winter can take its toll on your vehicle.
Making sure your car is prepared for an emergency is more important than ever. Here’s a simple winter maintenance checklist to help you prepare.