Visa® Classic

Building solid credit is essential for your financial success. The Visa® Classic is a great card for folks that are looking for a simple, introductory level credit card. Obtain the resources you need to finance your dream vacation, finish a home remodel, make an unexpected car repair or maintain monthly expenses.

Visa® Classic
  • 13.99% A.P.R.*
  • Minimum credit limit = $500
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Dependable
  • Travel & rental car insurance
  • Excellent customer service
  • No annual fee

* Your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may vary. For purchases, cash advances and balance transfers, the APR, adjustable monthly, is a variable rate based on the highest prime rate published in the Money Rates section of the Wall Street Journal ("Index") plus a margin of 10.74 percentage points and rounded to the nearest hundredth divisible by twelve, maximum rate 18%.