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Life Insurance

Protect the ones you love.

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What are my options for Life Insurance coverage?

You can plan for the future and protect the ones you love with a life insurance policy. Life insurance can not only provide funeral expenses, but also financial protection for those who depend on you to take care of future expenses, such as:

  • Family Living Expenses
  • Children’s Education Needs
  • Mortgages
  • Other Loans

There are several options for life insurance:

  • Term Life insurance is the most affordable option, with 10-, 20- or even 30-year policy terms available. Rates are locked in for the chosen term and you may have the option to extend coverage after the policy expiration, regardless of your health at that time.
  • Universal Life insurance combines the benefits of life insurance with the ability to build cash value and added flexibility. You may adjust coverage amount, premiums and payment schedules to meet your changing needs.
  • Whole Life insurance is a great way to ensure that you have coverage in place for your entire life. It provides death benefit coverage up to age 110, flexible payment options and access to guaranteed cash values.

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Things to Know

Did You Know?

The premium amount increases on average eight to ten percent for every year of age, so apply for coverage earlier rather than later.

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Did You Know?

The national median cost of a funeral with a burial is $7,300, according to the National Funeral Directors Association.

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Did You Know?

Almost 40% of Americans will leave their families in financial distress when they die. Not because they haven’t made provisions, but more likely because 70% of us with life insurance are underinsured.

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