Did you know?

The more you know, the Better your coverage.

  • More than 80% of catastrophic accidents involve motor vehicles. Personal auto policies can provide liability coverage, which protects you financially if you’re responsible for an accident. They can also provide coverage to protect your investment in your vehicle, pay medical bills (regardless of who is at fault), or even help if your car breaks down.
  • Some homeowner’s policies only cover liability for 4-wheelers and riding lawn mowers while you’re using them on your premises. Once you leave the insured location, there may be no liability coverage at all. There is also no coverage for the recreational or motorized vehicle itself, whether you’re on or off premises. Contact us to be sure you’re protected.
  • Juries determine damages on the severity of an accident and the personal trauma to the victim, not your ability to pay those damages. Anyone who operates a motor vehicle or owns a home is vulnerable to legal action. If you have a swimming pool or own a pet, your need for extra protection is even greater. The same is true if you own an ATV, RV, boat or motorcycle. Talk to us about an umbrella policy, which can protect you from losing assets you’ve worked so hard to build.
  • Many vehicles used solely for personal travel aren’t covered under your personal auto policy because of corporate ownership, vehicle size or higher limit requirements. Talk to us about a commercial auto policy for your corporate-owned vehicle, or vehicles weighing one ton or more. 
  • The personal auto policy excludes coverage when you use your vehicle for business. This includes delivery or transportation of people for a fee (such as Uber), or if you’re a health care worker driving a patient to the doctor or pharmacy. Talk with your agent if you plan to use your vehicle for something other than personal use or commuting back and forth to work.
  • In addition to protection for your home and contents, a homeowner policy provides coverage for additional living expenses when your home is unlivable because of a covered loss. This could include hotel costs or monthly rent for a temporary location. If you rent your home, a renter’s policy will provide coverage for your contents and additional living expenses as well.
  • Coverage for floods, earthquake, and water backup from sewers or drains are just a few of the types of losses which are not automatically covered on a homeowner’s policy. Most companies offer coverage as an endorsement to the policy, for an additional charge.  Contact us to discuss which coverage is available.
  • The homeowner’s policy limits theft coverage for items such as jewelry, firearms, collectibles, fine arts, etc.  Talk to us about scheduling items on the policy to ensure you are adequately protected.