Client Bill of Rights

  • You are the purpose behind everything we do.
  • You will be treated with courtesy and respect by our consultants and staff.
  • We will make every effort to be timely and communicate regularly on the status of your requests.
  • We will keep all financial and personal information you share with us confidential, and hold the highest possible regard for your privacy.
  • We will stay focused on continuing education opportunities in order to better serve you, including client-friendly technologies, investment strategies, and product knowledge.
  • We will provide an educational approach to the financial consulting process.
  • You will receive competent, professional, independent and objective financial guidance based upon your personal financial needs and objectives.
  • We will welcome the advice and opinion of other financial professionals you trust, including attorneys and CPA‘s.
  • We will provide proactive portfolio management and keep you informed of relevant changes to your financial plan and investments.
  • We will offer regularly scheduled personal financial review meetings, at least annually.
  • We will provide full disclosure of fees and what we earn on recommended investments or services.
  • We will always appreciate your confidence and trust.