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"Better Banks is the "Gold Standard" of personal banking. We know everyone by their first name and they treat us like we are the most important customer. Thank you for all you do for us!" Dave & Barb W.

"I am always treated with respect and the tellers are all great." Patti C.

"I always get good service and quick answers if I have a question." Wanda T.

"The customer service is excellent and everyone at the bank is very courteous and kind - always willing to help in any situation." Michael H.

"Dunlap Bank offers personal service and every employee, without exception, is kind and courteous and always willing to help. Mike and Cindi have always gone above and beyond the call of duty." Joel I.

"I have never had any issue and am always treated fairly." Greg K.

"I am happy with online banking." Art M.

"You have always given me terrific service for 12 years! Anna at the Knoxville office is especially helpful and always has a sunny smile! I love Better Banks!" Happy Customer

"Everyone is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable." Caroline S.

"BB represents the finest of customer service. This is based on using many of their services over many years." Roger D.

"A friendly, quick and efficient banking experience... Always." James L.

"All the employees are friendly and know who I am. I like the small town feel." Marilyn W.

"I have banked at Better Banks since the 60s. They have friendly service and I like knowing the people that work at the bank. If I need any help, it is always available." Christa K.

"It is the best service I have ever had from a bank." Michael

"I enjoy the personal service and being recognized by bank employees. The internet banking is easy to use. Really great customer service." Richard G.

"I love the people that work at this bank! They feel like family and make me want to come inside and chat! The customer service is impeccable." Abbi D.